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Tick Prevention San Tan Valley

How to Prevent Ticks on Dogs In San Tan Valley

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In many parts of the country, ticks are a serious problem for pet owners. With our warm weather here in Arizona, there’s no ‘tick season,’ as these bugs are a year-round problem. They spread potentially deadly diseases, and there are no vaccines for many tick-borne diseases. Some of these illnesses can also infect humans, so in addition to ensuring your favorite canine companion’s safety, preventing ticks on dogs is a vital step in protecting your own health and well-being and that of your family. Keep reading to discover a bit more about how to prevent ticks on dogs here in San Tan Valley.

Tick Prevention San Tan Valley

Use a Tick Control Product

Using a product that is formulated to kill ticks is the best thing you can do to prevent ticks on your pups. It’s important to talk to a veterinarian to learn more about the tick-borne diseases that are currently most prevalent in our area and what tick control products are most effective. While there are a lot of inexpensive flea and tick control products on the market, many are completely ineffective. Some low-quality brands can even be dangerous to your pet. For these reasons, it is always best to talk to a vet when trying to determine how to prevent ticks on your canine friends.


Treat Your Property

Taking steps to make your lawn and property less hospitable to ticks can also help keep them off your four-legged friend. Keep your lawn mowed, prune trees and shrubs regularly, and clean up leaf litter. There are also environmental treatments for ticks that can help keep them out of your yard. Talk to a veterinarian or a pest specialist to find out more about treating your property for ticks.


Dog Ticks in San Tan Valley

In many areas, including San Tan Valley, ticks have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Lyme disease, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis and other illnesses are directly caused by ticks, and there have been many pet deaths caused by these tiny terrors. Talk to a veterinarian today to learn more about the potential dangers of tick-borne illnesses and how to protect your pets.


If you need help preventing ticks on your dog here in San Tan Valley, feel free to drop by easyvet anytime.

Tick Prevention, San Tan Valley


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